I’ve spent the last few weeks back in flat rural Lincolnshire. One of the main benefits is being able to see the stars up in the night sky. Whilst there I spoke to a mate of mine. “There must be loads of stars up there" he said, "given how many greats have died in 2016”. Little did I think that just two weeks later that very same mate would be up amongst the stars, another in the crop of 2016.

Andy Lindup was a one off and truly fun and high quality. When I told him I was thinking of asking Russell to marry me if we won the Same Sex Marriage vote in the Houses of parliament his response was typical of him: “Dude you have to”.

Queuing with him for the Doctor Who Proms at the Royal Albert hall was like trying to restrain a kid in a candy shop and Andy screamed, cried and gasped at the panoply of Dr Who elements to the evening show.

Then there was marching through London for Pride this year with the Unitarians – Andy with his bright orange t-shirt duly torn, stressed and accessorised to show off his sculptured abs.

But there was also the joy when I gave him a slice of Kylie’s leotard that I had got at a concert some years ago and kept; the tears as we sat through the film Pride; and the heartfelt angst as he talked through handing in his notice to train to be a personal trainer.

This was a person rich in presence and generous to a fault. Fun, wild, controlled, and gorgeous in any environment. When we asked him to be an usher at our wedding his response was another characteristic “Oh my days”, followed by a squeal… that squeal… and yes, as the shortest usher we had, he will forever front our wedding photographs.

He may be gone, untimely, unfairly, and too young, but he will forever remain with Russell and I – young, generous, fun, driven, uncertain, sensitive and always reliable. Good for advice, brilliant on an evening out and sound during the morning afterwards.

Andy Lindup, my friend, you are a champion and a guiding light for navigating life. Little did we think that in too short a time you would be a night star all of your own, looking down upon us. Enjoy the great big nightclub in the sky – we will love you always.