This morning as I rushed to the railway station my favourite local charity shop had a new window display. The Batman suit stood out as did the label: "suitable for large child or small adult"... almost instinctively I went to take a picture and send it to Andy Lindup.

It's not the first time in recent weeks that I have seen moments that Lindyhop (it was an instant nickname) has been my instinctive first port of call, but cruel tragic events before Christmas make such a phone call, text, poke or tweet impossible. This time Andy's Facebook holiday will last just took too long.

Last week my Dad (yes, my Dad!) passed me some superman boxer shorts, the other day I saw a ludicrously muscled hottie on the train, the shop down the road has a discounted set of Batman chocolate for sale... these and more have all been reasons when I went to message Andy. I still have in the front room the present for him for Christmas, unwrapped and sitting there slightly lost...

So this morning as my trolley case grumbled along the pavement and the cold chipped in through my jacket to my bones, I smiled and gently welled up thinking of my mate-no-more. Now I'm not that daft, I didn't go and buy the Batman suit and I haven't stock-piled the batman chocolate so the emotions are not that bonkers. But I did text a fellow Lindyhop acquaintance about the hottie on the train and we giggled over the texts.

Interrupt typing: I've just pulled into a station and a ridiculously buff boy has got on. He's buff yes, but the swagger, the demeanour, the man-spreading and the pouty-look make him a perfect Lindyhop topic - but this one has a tight shaven haircut that makes Pravesh look long haired... this is a cracker.

So, despite the heartache and the loss, today made me realise that with any luck Andy Lindup will persist in making me smile, at the most unlikely times... and I reckon, despite the heartache, the unfairness and the gap that he leaves, that makes me pretty lucky. So thank you for that, but it doesn't make listening to David Bowie or Prince any easer you git! Love you. Xxx