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Established in 2010 this is a scheme to illuminate the rich heritage of Kilburn and in particular recognise the many famous people who have been born here, educated here and lived here.  The first plaque to author and playwright AA Milne was put up on 11th October 2010 on Remsted House, Mortimer Crescent, NW6 5UT.  Firm plans are now in place to recognise the next set of famous names from the local area.


Who decides which plaque and where?

There is a small group of residents interested in local history who maintain a list of suggested people and locations. They undertake research to verify all claims and look into various suggestions. The building owner is approached along with the current residents (where appropriate) and plans are then put in place.

How much time does the process take?

From start to end we find that it takes best part of 3 months to make the decision, plan the event, speak to all of associated interested parties (including fan clubs and the various societies that often exist to perpetuate the memory of the individual and their work).

What about the English Heritage Blue Plaque Scheme?

Kilburn currently has no blue plaques, largely because most of those who have lived here and gone on to be famous already have plaques up in more prestigious London locations. There was a plaque to photographer and filmmaker William Friese Greene, but this disappeared when his cottage on Maida Vale was demolished and replaced with a block of flats. Accordingly we have decided to proceed with our own scheme which also gives us greater flexibility.

Why are the plaques green?

When the scheme was created it was felt the plaques should be distinctive. The green colour is a strong part of Kilburn’s more recent demographic tradition and appeals to a strong sense of caring for the local environment.

How is the scheme funded?

The scheme is operated solely on the costs of the plaque, the affixing to the relevant building and usually a small reception for the residents and friends. For the first plaque we obtained a grant from the Area Forum pot at Camden Council, and we are always looking for opportunities to bid for money to fund the scheme. To try and accelerate the scheme and number of plaques appearing we are now asking for donations and contributions from residents, businesses, supporters and those who are proud of and interested in Kilburn.

To contact us please email the scheme co-ordinator Ed Fordham. Also, if you know of anyone significant or famous who lived in Kilburn please do get in touch – even if you just have a snippet of information, please do let us know. You can write to Ed Fordham, 7 Douglas Court, Quex Road, London, NW6 4PT, or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 020 7624 4060.

To make a donation towards the scheme please send a cheque to “Historic Kilburn Plaque Scheme” – please specify if you would like the donation to go towards a specific plaque.