So folks, I am passionate about the ancient world, consider myself a sort-of campaigner for equality, am transfixed by the human stories from the past - not just of the high born but also of the ordinary. So by working with a fellow Classics-loving friend we were thinking of setting up an Antinous Society.

This would be a fun, informal, sort of friendly society for the appreciation of Antinous, beloved of Hadrian. Or to give it its full and perhaps it's Imperial definition "for the ongoing appreciation of the Deified Antinous, beloved companion of the Imperial Augustus Titus Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius".


This would great informal chance for those wanting to maintain a lighthearted interest and connection to the classics and classical antiquity. The emphasis would be on fun, but will also be a chance to enjoy, explore and celebrate all that is fascinating with the ancient world.

There might be, for example, at least one annual gathering of the Society - this shall might normally take the form of a meeting with all of the appropriate toasts and speeches in appreciation of the deified Antinous, the Emperor Hadrian, of Imperial Rome, of Greek culture, of love, of understanding and of tolerance. The meeting would normally occur on or near the birthday of Antinous - 27th November.

The core facts:

  • Antinous was born about 27th November in 110-112AD, in Claudiopolis, Bythinia (Turkey).
  • Likely date that he met Hadrian was June 123AD in Claudiopolis (Hadrian on tour).
  • Antinous death has been widely accepted as on or around 22nd October 130AD, in the River Nile.

Their will be an electronic mailing list of members (no fee required) and it would principally fun and lighthearted, but with an emphasis on the classics, archaeology, love of the ancient world. Anyone interested out there?