I like to get involved - I have a strong sense of place, a developed pride in my town, adopted, briefly lived in or newly resident to.  That applies now to my time in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

In a town this big with this long a heritage - at least two Roman forts - it's hard not to be animated by the story.  But it's also the unlikely stories that fascinate the most and so when the opportunity come up to be involved with Derbyshire LGBT+'s exhibition Other Stories it was too good not to seize it.

And so, if you wander down to Chesterfield Museum you will enjoy a small but significant exhibition on the development and emergence of the LGBT story of North Derbyshire over the last 400 years.  With this has come together a number of elements for me - my own marriage to my life partner, the ongoing battle to decriminalise homosexuality across the commonwealth, Streatham Ice Hockey (yes really), the politics of change and the attitude of society even in liberal democracies.

It is this context that means aspects of these passions of mine that have meant it have leant some of my own possessions to the Museum for the exhibition.  My treasured hockey stick presented to be Streatham after the first ever UK ice hockey match with rainbow LGBT inclusive Tape, the tatty fragile banner from London Pride calling for Equality for Bermudians, copies of my own wedding service, invitations and more, and a pair of the football rainbow laces issues by Stonewall to break down the barriers to sport and football in particular.

And so I say directly to my friends and allies across the LGBT communities - you are part of history, you can make history, history can still be changed - it lies around us and ahead of us. Roll your sleeves up and get involved. The next exhibition may, will or could feature you.

All in all, it's something to be proud of I reckon - and if you are unsure by my enthusiasm then go and have a look for yourself. Other Stories - running at Chesterfield Museum until Saturday 7th April - it's well worth it.