Thank you for your email to the Commissioner’s Office regarding the recent Chesterfield Pride Event.

I have made enquiries of the Force Equality Department and can confirm that the rainbow flag is normally flown at Chesterfield Police Station in order to show support for the event.  This year the particular Officers who lead on LGBT engagement were unable to attend (although other officers did attend) and we believe that this may have resulted in omitting to instigate the rainbow flag being flown.

This was an unfortunate oversight and not a deliberate omission.  I have given your feedback to the Department and they will endeavour to ensure that the flag is flown in the future.

Please be aware that both the Force and the Commissioner’s Office are fully supportive of this event and there were Officers in attendance in order to engage with attendees at the event.  The Commissioner’s Office was also represented with a stand and staff from the Office attending.

Unfortunately the Commissioner, although he had intended to attend the event, was unable to go due to personal commitments of a family nature.  However the Commissioner is hoping to attend the Derby Pride event next month.

Many thanks for taking the time to contact us, for sharing your comments and pointing out the omission with regards to the flag.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Alison Clarke

On behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner