I thank you for your email and note your comments. Your email has been passed to me as Service Solicitor because I monitor concerns raised and we see feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We usually do have a flag or banner displayed for such events but, unfortunately, it was an oversight that there was no flag or banner at our Chesterfield Station during the Festival. I confirm that we will be putting up a flag or banner at the Station for future events.

As you saw at the Chesterfield Pride event, the Service does support Pride events both in Derbyshire and around the UK. We also have several Rainbow flags and banners which we display at Station Open Days, Pride Events and on Stations in support of national and global events related to the LGBTQ equality movement.

I am pleased to say that we also have a vibrant new covering due to be applied to one of our Training School fire appliances in the next couple of weeks. This features a colourful rainbow together with a prevention and recruitment message - this will be ready for our upcoming Joint Fire and Police Open Day taking place on Saturday 4 August 2018 at our Joint Fire and Police Headquarters, Butterley Hall, Ripley. This event will be open for the public to attend. Further details can be found on our website through this LINK

Whilst the rainbow liveried vehicle will be mostly based at our Training Centre, it will be available to represent the Service at Pride events and other community engagement events. The images of the new livery are shown below. You can see that the main frontage of the fire appliance and side doors remain in our corporate red colour, retaining the identity of a traditional fire engine. The legal requirements relating to the reflective markings on emergency appliances have also been considered as part of the design.

Many thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Kind regards

Louise Taylor - Solicitor & Monitoring Officer

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service