Today is a big day in the world that is Chesterfield Market - there is a 1940's theme complete with vintage cars, numerous people in costume and appropriate dress and of course a full parked up replica Spitfire.  It's fair to say that the day is a real triumph.

The number of Stallholders is massively up and the foot-fall feels hugely increased with people - what is also clear is that people are not just Chessie folks, though they are here aplenty, but people have come  from further afield.

It makes me pause and think about what my own policies would be if I were running the market.  As you queue and wait for your stall allocation, and as you look at the streams of people and reflect of why and how they came to be here.  

Clearly running a theme and having the added entertainment matters - indeed as I'm sitting here typing this I can hear the cockneyed tones of George Formby blaring out to cheers and clapping.

Well given how responsive people have been today it sort of self defines itself as an obvious template - but I fear the answer from those who provide is that the organisation of such is significant and (a guess by me) that the costs were high.  All of which is fair game - having a replica Spitfire and this number of people in costume and the associated promotion and the like is all a cost.  But then I think about the traders - now some have come a fair distance (Hull, Grimsby and Liverpool I heard in the chatter) but lots of us are from Chesterfield and locality and we are all selling something, but more than that the tea and coffee shops are booming, the atmosphere is lively - this today now is what Chesterfield should and could and must be if it is to survive.