So here we are - Thursday morning and it's dark as we load the car, gradually the mizzle retreats and by the time it is 9am we are set up.  The regulars are already sweeping the market - looking for the same bargains we turned down last week, and they move around the stalls with speed and determined deliberation.

Today I have secured the same space as I have used for the last three weeks - it seems to work for me and I'm getting to know fellow traders who are regulars and always here.  Which brings me to the next big decision - whether to go for a fixed and permanent market stall?


I have now asked for a fixed weekly market stall.  Now this brings in a range of issues and considerations. The most obvious issue is storage and the next issue is stock in order to give the stall live and rotation and turnover.  You can carry the same stuff weeks after week but you need variation - especially with books, bric a brac and antiques.

And if you end up with commercial space do you have it accessible to the public or at least buyers? In which case I need parking options. Or alternatively I stick with the basement of the house and incur home wrath.

But that fact that in the course of just four weeks I have moved from shall I or shan't I get a Market stall, through to do I need storage, shop options and how do I secure replacement stock.

The other consideration is that of specialism and what are you known for and sell.  Various punters come back and up for particular topics and themes - one man buys anything to do with the Sitwell Family (we are near Renishaw), another wants books on fishing, on mining (especially tin and lead), another will have any object that has a direct connection to the day 23rd July 1986 as that was the day his sons were born (and yes that extends to things relating to the wedding of Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew!).

So I lots of decisions ahead of me but the scale of fascination and fun that I'm getting from it is disproportionate.  The profit line - yes that's there too, but it also massively varies day's to day and week, indeed hour to hour.  And the rain, the age old concern of the trader' that does not in any way affect book sales - contrary to expectation.  It affects your morale, but sales affect that much much more.  Onto next week and next steps, ciao.