So this is the last stall if the calendar year and I'm still here.  It's cold and sharp this morning but I decided that in for a week, in for the year.  There are fewer stall holders standing the market this morning but I'm here and set up.

But today I have a new entry to the set up of the stall - my Uncle has effectively retired from the book trade - he's going to concentrate on Islamic and Indian art - and so I have gained his residual stock.  This sounds like a small thing - but in fact it is a significant injection of 68 boxes of books.

The content is mixed - strong amounts of history, poetry, travel, antiques with a fascinating scatter of art, china and porcelain and painting.  But it is in and of itself it is a real transformation for me and has triggered the taking of a storage unit in order to handle the volume of stock.  Now this brings with it a new set of challenges.  The first is that I have to sell it, second is I need to make sure that it is not just storage but achieves turnover and the third is that the volume raises the prospect of an additional market day each week.

So as you can tell I have a lot to think about.  Have I gone from being a market stall holder to being a book dealer? I don't think so but I now have to consider the expense and the investment that I am making, and indeed that my Uncle has very generously made in me and my little enterprise.

The other reality is that the market stall doesn't work and I go from being a stall holder with a small moving stock to being a storer of books with a fixed outlay and no guaranteed income.  That trap is what I now have to manage and make sure that this little and growing project is a success.  Until next time...