It's Thursday morning here on Chesterfield Market and I'm doing my books and bric-a-brac stall.

For me it's the first of the new year as I was away in the first week and stuck down by full on proper flu the week after - but today we are back and trading.  Now as I think I have mentioned before I have recently taken on a large amount of stock which I am gradually working through and sorting.  Today was the second such outing of new stock and it has generated quite a little stir of interest.

The main topics this week were gardening, travel and fashion and its fascinating hearing what people are wanting - the gentleman who wanted early physics books, the lady looking for Tudors and Stuarts and the man who wants book on villages of Sheffield.

Now what was interesting to me was how unglazed I was to such requests and that this in and of itself reflect how I have slipped, confidently and easily, into understanding foibles and collector interests.

Now this all coincides with some refurbishment at home and so I am sorting out my own book collections and topics and I realise that the Roman history section of my stall is low and this is largely 'cos I am keeping it. But this in turn brings me to my pricing points - are the view, that I would rather sell the item than I have to pack it up and send it home at the end of the day.  So my message to you, dear Reader, is if I don't collect it then no topic is too obscure and I will always try and sell it at a price that you will buy it.  Come on down, what are you waiting for...?