Getting up when it is dark, unloading your storage shed, packing up the van if your friend and driving down to Chesterfield Market to set up a book stall takes a special type of madness.  But, despite all of those elements, it is something I have come to enjoy and appreciate.

This morning the weather is brutal and deceptive - it has rained during the night so although wet under-foot we are dry, there is a touch and a smile of sunshine in the sky but the face of the sun is clouded so we are not arm, but then there is the wind.  This wind this morning is cruel and sharp cold. Indeed I am genuinely struggling to type this right now are the breeze is giving me such frozen fingers.

But stand here we do and grin and bear it - the English obsession with the changing weather is nothing compared with the interest shown by the market trader.  In the quiet periods we check the weather forecast, we talk about how dark it was when we loaded the vehicle, the likelihood of rain later and the chance of it being nice tomorrow (when we are not standing).  This my friends, is how we market trader rock and roll.

In between times, we have the customers, the browsers, the bargain hunters and the television taught expert. The latter all watch, Flog It, Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow and have just one thing in common, they know the value of everything, how yours is overpriced and how the one they have had at home is in better condition.

Now his little rant is at risk of making no me sound like some old grouch, unhappy with my lot, cynical about the folks out there, and regretting my time spent here.  Nothing could be further from the truth so please don't take the wrong impression - these observations are all written in affection, appreciation and with full recognition that this is a good choice for me and in Chesterfield. I can with all confidence recommend the market -  get down there today if you can.