Today here on Chesterfield Market is a good day - we are set up, new stock, a busy crowd of shoppers and some smiles here and there.  The main reason for the cheer is that the weather is improved and for us traders, as we loaded up the van it was not pitch dark.

The onset of early morning light is the sign that spring is on its way and with every passing week we have lighter days, better mornings and even the hope of more sunshine and less biting wind.

Meanwhile back here on my little old book stall I have stepped up a gear and now have a larger stock, increasing clusters of specialisms and am getting to know the regular collectors.  But with this familiarity comes a series of revelations some of which may surprise n what sells well on Chesterfield Market. 

Here are my top five tips based on what sells most keenly and quickly on my own Market experience over these last four months:

  1. Books on fly fishing attract older gentlemen who used to fish and now want to relive those days from their home warmth.
  2. The Bloomsbury group of socialites which I expand to include Noel coward, the Sitwells (local to Chesterfield with Renishaw Hall), and Rita Sackville West.
  3. Textiles, fashion, jewellery books are sought after and I would even go so far as to say that there is a current resurgence of interest in said topics.
  4. World War One - books on and in particular picture books that give an insight into the real experience in the front line - and the conflict in Mesopotamia, Turkey and elsewhere particularly sought after.
  5. Railway, Trains, Trams and Buses is a real interest theme - but in line with the demographic these tend to sell first thing in the morning to those early bird collectors.

Outside of this short summary there is then no predicting what anyone may come to your stall and ask for and believe me we get some pretty curious requests.

Right, better get back to it. Until next time...