Maps: Set 1.  Rand-McNally new standard atlas of the World. Engraved in Chicago, United States of America, 1900.  Images are available on my Facebook page "Brockwell Books of Chesterfield" - please feel free to join that page and message direct on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Europe and the World

These maps have come out of a broken atlas that is both of the highest quality, but also in largely superb condition.  Where the maps have been removed from the atlas The severed edge has been kept but does not impinge on any of the details at all. This will enable those mounting and framing the map to decide on the size and depth of the Border edge. 

The detail on each map is often outstanding, many are colour codes beautifully and also capture the historical foibles of the time.  They represent a view of the world that is both at the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, but also before the collapse of a umber of Empires - British, Austria Hungarian and Ottoman to cite just three.

The maps of the United States of America reflect a world that still illustrates Indian Territories and has a range of stunning close detail city maps that show off the rural nature of the cities then as opposed to now.  They also capture the importance of rail networks to the size of America then, in an age before passenger transport by air.

Single page maps 32x48 or 50cm these are £8 each plus postage (about £2)

  1. SOLD The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg (sic), 17 statute miles to 1 inch.
  2. British America (Canada) with provincial boundaries colour marked. Statute miles 180 to 1 inch.
  3. Cuba with district boundaries colour marked, with inset zooms of Havana Harbor, Port Matanzas, Cardenas & Santa Clara Bay, Port of Cienfuegos and Port of Santiago de Cuba. Statute miles 38 to 1 inch OR OVERLEAF West Indies - Cuba, Jamaica, Bahama Islands, Haiti to Santo Domingo Island, Puerto Tico, Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands and Trinidad, with inset enlargements of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Dominico, Martinique, Santa Lucia. Statute miles 100 to 1 inch.
  4. Palestine - covering As named on the map Jerusalem, Beirut, Labannon and Syria with an inset of North Jerusalem and environs. Statute miles 13 to 1 inch.
  5. SOLD Sweden and Norway - sadly torn. Statute miles 100 to 1 inch.
  6. Greece with provinces named and colour coded. Statute miles 23 to 1 inch.  OR OVERLEAF Small map of Denmark with Iceland and Faroe Islands in as inset boxes. Statute miles 23 to 1 inch"
  7. Egypt in a stunning yellow shade with insets of Environs of Cairo and Said or Upper Egypt.  Statute Miles 15 to 1 inch.
  8. RESERVED China, French Indo-China, Siam, Malaysia and Korea with each country colour coded. Includes Philippines' Borneo, New Guinea and northern tip of Australia.  Statute miles 245 to 1 inch.
  9. Switzerland with cantons colour marked and mountains shared within that colour scheme. Statue Miles 12 to 1 inch.
  10. New Zealand, Tasmania and the Fiji Islands. New Zealand with inset maps of Tasmania, King Island, Chatham Islands and Fiji Islands (each at different scales to the main map. Status miles 55 to 1 inch.
  11. Canada Nova Scotia - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. With districts colour marked in abutting Maine and Quebec, the Atlantic and Gulf of St Lawrence. Statute miles 27 to 1 inch.
  12. Canada North West Territories - Alberta, Saskatchewan and Assiniboia - superb detail including Indian Territories marked in. Statute miles 89 to 1 inch.
  13. Canada British Columbia - with colour provinces marked in colour on the map and northern part inset for detail of Cariboo and Cassiar.  Statute miles 88 to 1 inch.

Double page maps 48x66cm these are £12 each plus postage (about £3)

  1. Germany (Eastern Sheet) with insets of North Baltic coast around Heidekrug, and Berlin, Potsdam & environs and Rhenish-Westphalian Industry & Mining District. Statute miles 22 to 1 inch.
  2. German (Western Sheet) with kingdoms, Dutchy's and states colour coded. Statute miles 22 to 1 inch. Slight tear to the right of the page but it barely intrudes on the map proper.
  3. SOLD Ireland. United Ireland under English Rule. Colour shared for Ulster, Connaught. Leinster and Munster.  Statute miles 11.5 to 1 inch.
  4. SOLD Scotland with counties colour marked and inset of extension of Orcades and Shetland Islands as well as North Barra and North Rona Islands.  Statue miles 12 to 1 inch.
  5. SOLD France with each of the provinces colour marked and an inset of Corse (Corsica).  Bordered in white by Spain, England, Belgium, Germany and Italy.
  6. Spain and Portugal. Each province in each country colour coded - with Balearic Islands to left. Statue miles 30 to 1 inch.
  7. SOLD Turkey in Europe, Roumania, (sic) Servia, Bulgaria and Montenegro. - covering the southern Balkans, Albania, Moldova, Bulgaria and more. Including inset of Crete.  Historically significant map of the world pre-World War One. Statute miles 30 to 1 inch.
  8. Russia with each of the states colour shaded.  Includes Baltic counties, modern Finland and down to the Caspian Sea and Caucasus and Astrakhan.  Statute miles 100 to 1 inch.  A map of real post Napoleonic, pre-World War One Tsarist Russia.
  9. Asia - large scale map including Russian Empire, Chinese Empire, Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, and Turkish empire, British India and the islands of the Pacific.  Statute miles 300 to 1 inch.
  10. India - British India covering India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and much of Bangladesh.  With inset of Southeastern Provinces of India (Burma)  and the Malay Peninsula.  Colour coded into British Provinces, Feudatory States and Independent States and Colonies.  Statute miles of 85 to 1 inch.  A vast sweeping map of history.
  11. Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan - covering all of modern Iran, Iraq. Statue miles of 60 to 1 inch.
  12. Japan - an outline map, a coloured provincial map, the extended islands of Ezo and Chishima as well insets of Ryukyu Islands and Osumi Province and Island of Formosa. Statute miles of 41 to 1 inch.
  13. Southern Africa - Great Namaqualand, South African Republic, Orange Free State, Cape of Good Hope.  Statute miles of 48 to 1 inch. A map that captures the recognised boundaries and states during the Boer War 1899-1902.
  14. RESERVED Oceania and Malaysia. This huge Pacific map includes Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Polynesia, Philippines, Sumatra and Java with insets of New Caledonia & Loyalty Islands and Hawaii (Sandwich Islands) with some ocean boundaries colour marked in broad sweeps.
  15. Australia - the eastern half of Australia - with insets of northern tip of Cape York, Sydney, Melbourne & Port Phillip, Northern section of Western Australia, as well as the SW Corner of Western Australia. Statute miles 80 to 1 inch.
  16. South America - one whole sweeping map each country coloured by border.  Statute miles 191 to 1 mile.  Slight tears to the folks of the page that do not intrude onto the image of map.  
  17. Columbia and Venezuela - with inset maps of the Isthmus of Panama and Railroads between Caracas and La Guayaquil.  Outstanding detail with rivers and mountain ranges.  Statute miles 65 to 1 inch.
  18. Brazil and Guiana with an inset of the Western Portion of Brazil.  An outstandingly large single map of Brazil with the provinces marked with red borders with French, British and Dutch Guiana in the north as well.  Statute miles 120 to 1 inch.
  19. Argentine Republic, Chile, Paraguay and Uraguay.  Status miles 70 to 1 inch.  This is a glorious double page map that even at this size cannot fit all of the southern tip (this is inset for Chile and Argentine Republic) - it also has line drawn boundaries for individual provinces. 
  20. Mexico - with inset map of the Valley of Mexico.  An outstanding detailed single double-page map of the whole of Mexico with each province marked and colour coded.  There is a slight double fold as this map was the centre page of the atlas but this does not significant detract from the impressive nature of it.
  21. Quebec in large detail at statute miles 19 to 1 inch with each district moundary coloured - the straight line delineation is stark and impressive. Inset maps of Western Portion of Quebec (Pontiac) and also the North Eastern Portion of Quebec (Canada) - Gulf of St Lawrence, Island of Anticosti, Gaspe, Rimouski, Bona Venture and Saguenay.  
  22. Ontario (Canada) - Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario - with 3 inset maps of Ottawa, Toronto and the Western Portion of Ontario.  This also features with bright red boundaries each province and district and each of those colour coded. Statute miles 24 to 1 inch.
  23. Africa - the entire continent.  This is a superb single map across two pages - with an inset of the Canal of Suez and the Cargados Carayos Islands and Mascarpone Islands (Mauritius).  The map also reveals the extent to which Mid and west Africa has not been carved up into independent countries or provinces of external Empires in particular the Sahara or Great Desert