Have I begun to find my market feet, at last?  So now I am doing two Market Days a week - first is the Thursday flea market, bric-a-brac and other stuff - broadly anything and then the Saturday open market.  Now in order to try and give myself some structure I have set myself a discipline of doing books on Thursday and a wide range of other stuff that I have gathered hoarded or bought over the years.

So here I am today - with a wide spread of books that I'm selling out at just £1 each - the signage is bold and the popularity, so far, fairly high.


Then I have a wide range of maps or all over the UK and some of Europe which again are fascinatingly popular and some particular districts sought after - I get lots of requests and sales of Derbyshire, Yorkshire and fascinatingly Lancashire.

Baskets - yes believe it or not, I have a wide range of baskets - hampers, snake baskets, bread baskets and more - the bolder the weave the more popular the item.  But baskets sell well and quick.

But today's curious triumph has been jigsaws - I came into a load through a wider purchase and so have a pile of jigsaws - all in good condition and popular.  I started with a pile and am down to just two I think and it's barely 11am.

But the best comments of the day so far have been the two separate shoppers - "ooh if you are here every Saturday I'll make a point of coming in and seeing your stall", and then the gentleman who bought something and complemented me in the layout and tidiness of the stall.  Considering how much thought and effort you put into setting up, packing up and generally staffing the stall these things matter.  See you soon I hope.