The excitement of having a new range of stock.  It's not the they types of books are different but rather that I am getting the hang of my stall, range and pitch.  This week is the best example where of my fifteen boxes of stock - thirteen were newly sorted and fresh on the stall.

The consequences of this are curious and gently unexpected. First is when someone asks for a book that you know you have - but that was last week and you have rotated your stock and suddenly you don't have it with you. Second is when they ask if you have a book on a topic, and because this is the first outing of the new stock you realise you don't know.

And the third and most significant consequence is that you have a few surprises in your own stock and over the course of the day you learn and remember what you have, only for it to change next week.  

But the upside of all of this is that the punters come back for more, pleased that you have new stock, sometimes regretting they had not bought what was on offer last week.  And so I am slowly learning the importance of business reputation, reliability as well as client knowledge - the actual stock knowledge and retention of that is not so important - everything hinges on the connection with the customer.

It's obvious when I sit here and type it up, but it is something I have learnt and worked out over the last six months. Had I been asked a months ago I would have said that the market was a much more transitory clientele - but in fact it is constant, variable and loyal.  As much in life - don't assume, and whatever you think of Chesterfield - it's fun, warm and welcoming.  Much like the emerging spring weather.  Personally, for all the reasons above and more - I love it.