So what do you do when it's raining and you run a market stall? You get up, load the car and drive down to stand on Chesterfield Market - yes selling books, jigsaws, baskets, records and more.

After all - if you are in for a penny then you are in for a pound.  And either I'm a market  trader all weathers or I'm not I reckon, so yes, here we are all weathers and all conditions running our stall.

Now one of the things I have learnt is that weather and taking hold no relationship - people neatly always need bread and milk and trapped in a damp house they are keen to get out and do some shopping.  In fact, this blog post was delayed in the writing as I have just sold a set of old letters from about 1910 of the Pybus family from London and Derby and they are letters and photographs sent home from colonial Africa.

This in turn leads on with said purchaser about his house in Staveley and World War One and that I sit on the town's Working Group for commemoration of the 100 years for the cessation of hostilities and signing of the Peace Treaty in Versailles.

What does this all mean - it means it's not as bad at it seems, the weather is passing and regardless we will be here on the market selling our wares come rain or shine as folks have done for hundreds of years before us.  Come on, pop down.

And if there is a bit of drizzle in the air, it means my pressed glass is gonna gleamnin this afternoons sunshine - for surely the sun is on the way?