The progression from being an occasional stall holder to being a full on regular market trader is a long path, and after six months other than know where I started I have no idea where this project will end.

What I do know is that I'm loving it.  I would never have predicted with any seriousness that this is what I would be doing if I had looked down the path of career choices, but here I am smiling and chatting to passers-by. Re-reading that sentence before I type in I realise that is not entire true, and my husband thinks that I have it in my blood.

My Dad was a carpenter and furniture restorer and for years we would get up early on a Saturday or Sunday and Mum, Dad and I would head off to do antique fair for the day.  My Uncle was and is still an antique dealer and himself has a market stall selling objects d'art, bric-a-brac and specialised in quality silver. Going further back I'm told my Irish grandmother had an eye for antiques and quality and her nephew is a artist painter and niece a dealer herself.  So clearly there is in fact something in the blood.

Now today is I think the largest ever stall I have mounted and to my husbands creit, toleration and gentle irritation this required two trips from the house down to the market, but two trips he did and we have a positive forest and smorgesboard of books and bric-a-brac.

Now people often ask what I specialise in - and the unhelpfulbut honest answer is that it all depends on stock.  Stock in turn depends on what I manage to have purchased that week or month and also what I still have.  But there are emerging themes and lines:

  • Baskets and wicker ware and related garden and kitchenalia.
  • Political emphera, mugs, plays and other ecclectic and unlikely items, including squeeze dog toys of Gordon Brown and William Hague.
  • Royal family porcelain and booklets - the marmite of second hand world but increasingly popular with lovers of kitsch 
  • Jigsaws and Boardgames - an unlikely entrance in the stock list for me but popular if in good condition

And of course books - but on a Saturday the book stock is deliberate and large and every book is just £1 each.

So there we are dear reader, and if any of that is interesting or tempting then come and have a look - we are here every Thursday and Saturday.