Well this is something very different and yet I am undergoing almost regular flashbacks just sitting here - yes, I'm doing an indoor antiques fair.  Now it's been a while, but this time here here as the dealer.

Since the age of very young, I was brought up on antique fairs - Saturdays were wrapping and packing the antiques and Sundays were early mornings loading the car and driving to what was often a large venue hotel or sports centre.  There Mum and Dad would run the stall.  I would be the hired hand at 50p a box carried from the car to the stall both in the morning and then the evening - the resulting £5 or so was then my spending money at these antique fairs.

Roll that all forwards nearly 30-40 years (eek!) and I find myself standing on my own antique fair without my parents here - well, actually as I type that I realise that is not true.  As I banter my way through the day with the punters I can hear my parents and. Am recycling all of their lines of sales, bon ami and bad jokes (the latter from my Dad!).

But yes, I'm laughing - did I think that many many years later, having complained about those early morning and the endless boxes - here I am up early, carrying the boxes and chit chatting my way through the day.  What goes around truly seems to come around.  And yes, it seems I am what my parents were - but that's not a bad blend and they are laughing and I'm smiling - so all in all, win win.

Derbyshire Alfreton Leisure Centre Antique & Collectors Fair Alfreton Leisure Centre
Church Street, Alfreton
Exit 28, M1
DE55 7BD

Here today and then Sunday 30th September, Sunday 28th October and Sunday 25th November.