Yes we buy books, antiques, bric-a-brac, maps and more.  But here on behalf of Brockwell Books of Chesterfield is our 'honesty policy'.

Let's try and give you a bit more of an insight of how we operate.  People after ask us to quote, purchase and remove items that they no longer need.  These are often items they have received via another friend or relative or wish to sell for the cash.


Because we need to buy at a price that enables us to re-sell at a profit there is often a gap between the price you might expected and the price we have offered. Please let us explain.  We need to collect and store the stock, the items are only worth what we can sell them for, and to be a meaningful business we need to carry the stock and it can take weeks, months and even longer for us to sell it on.

Therefore in broad terms we will usually offer about 1/3rd or thereabouts of our expected re-sell value.  It is possible for you to sell direct via eBay or an auction but you do need to be aware of the fees, charges and commission involved with other sale outlets and in the context of on-line selling the postage costs too. Our price offer will be our payment with no catches.

Please note, where possible we prefer to buy in bulk, i.e. not individual items or books, and we will try and visit and collect direct from you to save you hassle of transporting and the like.  We prefer to buy in quantities of boxes of books and maps and the like.

So here are our three pledges:

  • We will always offer a fair price no strings 
  • You will have our full contact details
  • If there is a problem we will seek to resolve it quickly

If for any reason the items you are selling are not of interest to us - we will provide advice on where and how you might proceed. This advice will be honest, to the best of our knowledge and with no strings whatsoever.

Ed Fordham

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