Today is well and truly a summers day - we are here in Chesterfield Market with our market stall - bottom end near The Market Fish and Chip Restaurant.  It's is a glorious day and the town feels busy.

To get into the spirit of summer and all the positives that inspires I have decided to hold a discount sale - it's not something I have universally done before but it seemed worth a try.  Huge numbers of the books I have previously individually priced up have been poured into my £1 section and a large number of good quality hardback biographies I have placed into a £2 or 3 for £5 section.

Now then the true assessment is has it worked?  Well, I have had two people come up and check that the price was real, a fairly vocal - "wow you have some good books" - and a woman who wanted to pay more "because they are worth more than you are charging".

So it's going to be fun, and it's very sunny and I'm smiling and the customers are reciprocating.

Postscript: I didn't manage to post this whilst on the stall on Saturday - but having got home and done my math the day was all told, weather AND trade, a good one.