The last few days have been a whirlwind, exhausting, fascinating and in the traditions of all things Welsh, a stunningly beautiful journey. I'm on the train from Welshpool to Aberystwyth and it's busy. As we roll through the countryside you struggle to sit and work as just looking out of the window at the landscape is an enchantment all of its own.

But we are approaching Machynlleth and the guard tells us all that it where the train will divide and the front two coaches will go onto Aberystwyth. I raise a wry smile as my train becomes the very image of the Brexit debate dividing Britain and because I am outward looking, inclusive and passionate about my fellow citizens and community I am on a train to Aberystwth. In contrast the rest of the train in unhitched and taken on a different route to a different destination by UKIP, the Tories and the naysayers.

And as the rolling hills sweep down to the coast and the low lying wetlands open up to reveal the westerly limits of Wales, I realise that I am on the right train... The right train for my immediate destination, the right train for my life and for my fellow passengers who are from and of these parts, and who have voted Liberal and Liberal Democrat for years, with them too, I am on the right train.

So over the coming days and weeks, no matter how busy you are, please find some time to get on board the General Election campaign train, get involved in your local Liberal Democrat campaigns and stop the Tories dividing our train, our country and our community. Together, we can draw a line in the sand and say this far and no further. I will be working for the Liberal Democrats because I like people, because I care about my community and because I oppose division and exclusion. I hope you feel able to.

Right, we are pulling into Borth and it's next stop Aberystwyth, I better be ready cos it's going to be busy.