So here I am in the Ceredigion Liberal Democrat offices - working above the shop, as it were, in one of the UK's nicest seaside towns: Aberystwyth. This is a place that has all the benefits of a seaside holiday resort without actually feeling like it. You have the crashing waves, the rolling surf, a medieval castle, strong soaring cliffs and small narrow busy streets. There are shops, cafe and restaurants galore and due to the University there is a youth, an optimism, a bustle that is genuine, sincere and doesn't feel cruelly seasonal or weather dependent.

And as you look around you also know that there is a rich seam of liberalism. Now when it comes to elections I'm not soft and try not to get carried away with optimism - I know that what has been hard won can be swept away - but here in Aberystwyth there is a determination and pride.

Determination to pull through this election with a good result that re-elects Mark Williams MP as the Liberal Democrat representative for this part of the world, and a pride that fuels that determination in going out and selling Mark Williams to the voters of the Ceredigion constituency. The team here know that Mark has been an outstanding champion for the town, for the area and for Liberal Democracy - the task is to ensure that the voters share that knowledge and reward it in the ballot box.

Now the added challenge is the scale of the rural nature of the constituency - driving nearly two hours to get across the seat - and that doesn't include the finding of your house, building or precise destination - and the extent to which there are clutches of 2-3 houses in some of the most obscure locations. All beautiful, and enveloped by the rolling hills, mountains and some of the most scenic rural idylls you could hope for, but all hard to locate an over in what is a compressed timescale following all out Welsh local elections.

So our job here is to rouse the troops, mobilise the favours, harvest the hard work of casework done by Mark month after month, and to secure the new mandate we know he deserves. It's blindingly obvious to me and hopefully to you, but to the voter out there - sceptical, cynical and perhaps a tad jaded by politics - we need to explain that Mark Williams and the Liberal Democrats are a stand out exception here in Wales and deserving of your support.

Ed Fordham, c/o 32 North Parade, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 2NF
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