So as I strode through Witney at a gentle jogging pace around a nice cluster of chiltern cottages, I was aware of previous deliverers who had been out ahead me. This awareness took several forms: laden recycling bins, tutting or positive greetings from folks at home at yet another delivery, or my leaflet landing on top of another from another party.

But as I went door to door I was aware of a leaflet that had been pushed through far enough that I could not retrieve or liberate a copy and so I had to watch and wait until I met a friendly voter or found an accessible recycling bin.

This leaflet was well printed, slightly glossy, mainly black & white, but well designed and probably A4 folded in thirds to DL. And as I passed the doors, troubled the letter boxes and delivered my own leaflets, I managed to read the main headline on this 'opposition' leaflet. "OFF THE HOOK" it screamed...

So you can imagine my considerable disappointment that far from being a searing political analysis, plea or pitch, Off The Hook is in fact the name of a chip shop in Long Hanborough, Witney. They serve Great British Fish and Chips - "traditional favourite", "high-quality food and service" and served in "environmentally friendly packaging".

Well, I thought, as I continued on my delivery round, Liz Leffman, as a councillor with a record of action, is very much a traditional favourite, she works all year round and is very much in favour of good environmental practise and against excessive development.

So it comes down to a few things really:
Disappointed about The Referendum result - don't let the Leave Campaign off the hook.
Worried about the prospect of a 'Hard Brexit' - don't let Theresa May off the hook.
Concerned that the Tory candidate is frankly a bit under par compared to Liz Leffman - don't let the Tories off the hook

So don't let the the Leave Campaign, Theresa May or This Conservative Government off the hook and come over to Witney, today, tomorrow or Wednesday - don't wait until Thursday - there is loads to do today... and I can assure you the fish and chips here are excellent as well.

You can contact Liz Leffman's campaign HQ