Politics has always had a conundrum - whose duty is it to talk to whom? My Maui and Dad are of the tradition that saw it as a duty to always vote, who read a newspaper each day and who stayed up to watch election night. As a child I grew up with that vibe.

By the time I was in sixth form I was reading the politics pages of the paper myself and attending election hustings. When the 1987 election loomed I was handing out leaflets in Spalding market place and going with my Mum to watch her cast her vote. When Becky Bryan spoke at a public meeting I realised that I was liberal and so I joined and the rest followed.

Today a lady here in Witney suggested that we Liberal Democrats had bothered her letterbox a little too often over the last few weeks. I was duly apologetic, and as I went to exit her doorway and drive, I asked if she had been to see the candidates speak at all. The complaining tone dropped and the lady said that she realised that getting to know the candidates and the choice was a responsibility of the voters.  I had made my point.

And that for me is the nub of politics. Candidates and parties need to reach out to the voters, passionate about their platform and clear about why they are standing. And to articulate not just what they are against, but what they are for.

But that is just half of the compact. I firmly believe that we voters, residents, citizens have a duty to inform ourselves of opinion, choices, options, alternatives - in short to do some basic work understanding the tenets of democracy. And that was why I was willing to firmly but very politely push back at the angry lady I encountered today.

And being nice to her, I felt better, and at face value at least - she was nicer to me and we parted on good terms. I think she will vote, I'd like her to support Liz Leffman. She might, she might not, but she will exercise her vote and that's a good start in achieveing my vision of a two way compact between citizens and those citizens actively in the front line of politics.

Why don't you come and join the debate here in Witney?

You can contact Liz Leffman's campaign HQ www.witneylibdems.org.uk/action