I don't drive, my father doesn't drive - trains have been my travelling mainstay and I love it.  The ability to sit there, work, talk, observe and enjoy the freedom of movement.  Sri Lanka was a world away for me - but a chance visit a few years ago meant I learnt that discovered the survival and maintenance of a railway network established in the 1860's by a colonial power. 

But more than the trains, the tracks, the routes and the rolling stock - my takeaway memory that I still treasure at home was my ticket of a journey from Aluthguma to Kaluthara South.  That journey was made with work colleague Ivor Wells - he will giggle more than most at this.

Several close friends, even my Mother and Father, have said they liked my stories from Sri Lanka.  At first I took the compliment, but then I realised for myself that these read as stories - but they are precise reports of what I saw and did and lived over the course of a extended work trip to Colombo in 2015.

What I saw inspired and triggered me to ride trains and write of the journeys. My grandfather, who passed away when I was 13, loved trains from an era when steam was real - he worked for world leading modal railway engineers Bassett Lowke in Holborn.  That work in turn mean he met and knew Walt Disney who visited for commercial purchases and advice.

Thanks for this are due to the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) for their confidence in me - without Carl, Lucy, Claire, Hemanthi, Shan and Ramsi this would not have happened.  I have enjoyed it - it's been a long, slow and fascinating blast.

Anyway, I've taken the notes I wrote and posted on Facebook and done everyone the courtesy of editing them, correcting most errors and hopefully just making it tighter to read.  Enjoy... Ed xx