It's a treat - a good old fashioned genuine medieval castle without the ruinous charm of Cromwellian destruction - this is a high rock outcrop with a superb surviving keep and a great defensive bailey. It sits above the Derbyshire village of Castleton (which boasts several worthwhile pubs and a new visitor centre), but more than anything else it sits atop Cavedale.

Now this week just gone in a determined sense of purpose we went a walked Cavedale itself.  A small narrow path through a deep sharp ravine it was one of the most interesting, invigorating and memorable walks I have done.  The rain was attempted to loose itself upon us as we started, the stones splashed bright with the waters of the night before. As we strode nervously forwards on the wetted and rounded stones, umbrellas in hand to act as walking sticks and supports, the waters of previous days rolled down under our feet.  In gentle terms we felt and commented that it was like climbing a waterfall ourselves.


Now I have commented before about the range of green and verdant green - well after a wet late summer the hills and grasses and more are alive with range, depth and commanding charm. And for such a beautiful setting we clambered up our path alone and together - this was an idyll.

And now and then, occasionally and furtively, we pause to glance back and see the scale of the escarpment falling away behind us as we climbed and it was hard not to gasp or exclaim at the view.  This was beauty natural real and immediate.  No filter, nor lense, nor brush could capture the sweep of the sky, the anger of the rain cloud, the determination of the blue sun filled skies behind, nor the riot of green and jade that lay to the left and the right of us - and under our feet the cleansing waters fresh from the clouds babbled, croaked and joyously galloped past us.

And as we emerged clear of the river run, the rocks and the sharp ravine we looked at each other and silently we knew we agreed.  People say why Derbyshire? Cavedale, Peveril and Castleton are a compelling answers for us.