Well, if there were doubts on timing, luck, coincidence and general good nature of nice people, today was a day to appreciate. 

We cleared the car of frozen snow, packed things up and headed down to Alrewas, Staffordshire, where are were moored with the ambitious aim of fixing our twisted rudder.  Let’s be clear we knew what we were supposed to do but this was out of our comfort zone of knowledge and frankly could have been a comedy show of a bad effort by us.
We parked the car and got to the boat where we gazed lovingly at our second ‘home’ or rather our ongoing UK staycation.  La Doggo of course was restless and so got an early walk and there it was... Just two boats down from us was moored a canal blacksmith. Now like me you may not have known such a thing existed but exist he does, he even has a dog as well, and for 28 years he has loved the canal lifestyle and he is a full working real blacksmith.  His smithy is in a second boat that his primary boat pulls - it is in a series of words frankly quite amazing and impressive, and for us breathtakingly timely and convenient.
In no time at all the engine was lifted from the water - the rudder was off and the Blacksmith - Brian - The Blacksmith’s Craft on Facebook - had it hammered flat and was reattaching it for us.  He has now started making a rudder guard to try and prevent it getting damaged again next time we are near a hard edged canal or lock.  
That sense of community on the canals of Britain is truly unlike anything else - and I have a strong sense of community and involvement. The ease of friendship, the shared endeavour and the mutual respect and assistance is beyond that I have encountered before.
Life this last year has been pretty damned good - the year ahead looks positively exciting and buzzing.  But for today, thank you mister Blacksmith and if you are caught out with a physical problem that needs technical repair on the inland waterways of England and Britain may he be moored nearby. Today he made us canal worthy again and it that we are grateful. Hey