I'm curious, perhaps over-interested, but passionate about communities and where I live - I sort of describe it as liking people and having a strong sense of place.  Because of that I find myself as the Vice- Chair of Friends of Spital Cemetery here in Chesterfield.  

Friends of Spital Cemetery is a small group, but thriving, and the range of topics and issues we work through is vast.  The Cemetery, established in the mid 19th Century to Service an expanding Chesterfield, is the principle resting place for soldiers who died in the UK and were from Chesterfield and district.

I'm interested in War and conflict, but utterly opposed to aggression.  I have written on World War One, but find myself appalled by the consequences of that tragedy.  And so I am trying to shed light on the casualties who are buried and commemorated in the Cemetery.

Predictably, most of those there are men, but there is one woman who died as a direct result of the war - Ann Veronica Fletcher of Spital.  She was a Sister in the Territorial Nursing Force and died not long after contracting tuberculosis.

The role of women throughout many conflicts is often forgotten, but historians of today are increasingly understanding and locking their role and contribution into the actual full story. And so, as a result of a connection made at Chesterfield's Working Group on Commemorating World War One, I am delighted to confirm that at 2pm on Wednesday 14th March 2018 there will be a special service held in Spital Cemetery to recognise Ann Fletcher and to mark International Women's Day.

More details to follow, but mark the date in your diary.