So I'm interested in history: Roman Britain and the Empire at large, Saxon England fascinates me, the English Civil War is a particular passion and I am motivated by local history.

So what does this have to do with me being back in Pode Hole and taming my Mum and Dad's garden and learning what I have never learnt - about which flower and plant is which.  More than anything else I am actually taming the garden - my Mum has tended the nurtured the garden for years.  All I am doing is tackling the last few months of growth that has been this summer.
So today was a mixed day of activity: an early fitness run (more paced and slower but longer), culling the chives for harvesting (two ice cream tubs of chopped chives so far), about half of the rosemary culled off the stalks ready for chopping, the brown moss on the drive hand-scrubbed with a wire brush on my knees inch by inch, and then I tackled the pathway at the back of the garden that has become overgrown.


So here's the rub - this garden gets quite a lot of attention, yet in just one summer (maybe a year) paths, plants, trees and more have started to be over-run by the natural vegetation.  Today, for the first time, clearly and properly I understood just how little time it would take for the natural environment to become more dominant - indeed to take over totally.
So I took that thought one step further and I began today, to understand.  To understand just how little time was needed for the grandeur of Roman Britain to be overthrown and buried by nature.  Understand why we have to dig so deep to find out the story of our remnant Saxon past.  And understand just how quickly the deeds of families in our Civil War were forgotten and buried by the calm and constancy of nature.
So archaeology, digging up the past, came to be real to me today.  All because it took me best part of an hour to cut back, clear, clean, and remove the weeds on top of, over, around and between the paving stones of a short garden path that has not been tended for a few weeks or months.
Despite the revelation that I'm learning fast about the ways of nature, flowers, herbs and more - it gives me great reassurance that nature has such potency.  On that basis, that we are indeed so small and nature is still so strong, I will sleep a little easier tonight.  Before waking to tackle the next day's tasks.