I can't deny I was excited. I went to chapel this afternoon. Nothing hugely unusual in that - but this was the first visit for me into the chapel in my new town. Peeking through the gates and railings it had all the hallmarks of charm and history that I like, so I was a tad excited.

Now this is a new town for my husband and I. Neither of us know Chesterfield, never lived there before, but are learning fast and enthusiastically. When we looked at towns to move to (criteria: not a city and not a village) husband had very kindly done a list of towns with Unitarian Chapels. On one of our early visits to scout Chesterfield the Chapel had been part of the recce and despite being locked I had managed to get into the back car park and see the old grand gravestones of the proud late 18th century and clearly flourishing Victorian congregation. It was a good start.

So, with services being held monthly on Sunday afternoons, today was my first intrusion to the interior and I was not disappointed. The Minster, the congregation and indeed the very building oozed welcome, charm, history, simplicity and sincerity in all the quantities needed to get you to return.

As if this was not enough, I got my doubled sided history sheet of the chapel, a larger booklet, the newsletter, the congregation contact sheet and a warm welcome. As it sat there in the fixed pews drinking in the different surroundings I found myself asking questions of the past generations who had builded this dissenting Jerusalem here in the 17th century and quietly muttering my thanks for this refuge of peace, contemplation and appreciation.

So now I'm sitting at home typing up my little reflection of thanks and keen to return - monthly you say... well I guess my appetite is whetted. Yes, I'll be back. And thank you Elder Yard, Chesterfield, thank you. See you soon.