Listening to the clear and impressive Convenor Robert Ince (outgoing) here at the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, I am struck by the need and reliance on communications and the challenge facing faith organisations.

Reflecting on that I penned these: my own little set of pleas to all of those Unitarian congregations and Chapels who are perhaps listening.


1. Can you have a postal address that is more than just a letter box - something that gives me the confidence I am posting to a person who will open the envelope.
2. Have an email address that is both formal and real. Having This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is all well and good, but it doesn't tell me who might or might not open the email or even reply. So perhaps the info address for sure, but then the name and actual email of the person who might read that email and reply.
3. Have a website but regard it as an archive of the fixed information and details and opinion. Try not to get it burdened down with events that go out of date quickly unless you have the capacity and skills in place to keep it very updated.
4. Facebook is not an alternative to your website or your newsletter - it is a compliment, an addition, an insight. For my own part I use Facebook as a means of sharing photographs, videos and news, but not for storing the core permanents about me and my life.  That is the website.
5. Twitter is not some new fangled system - twitter is the field telegraph of today, the newspaper, the news update. By following and using twitter I feel I know what will be in tomorrow's newspapers

So think of it like this: the Website is a bag for life that is strong but needs renewal occasionally, the Facebook page is a reusable rucksack that I carry with me and the Twitter account is a paper or plastic bag I reuse for a limited life span because it is quick and easy.

None of these are detached from the postal address, the face to face coffee and chat, the text messages and the phone calls - but they are essential elements in the battle of communications. We just need to ensure when using all of these that we are not fixed on broadcast mode only but that we are on dialogue and listening and gathering insights and opinions.

for  simple response pick up any flier here at the GA and try and find the source of the organisation that has produced it - and find the means of contacting that group.  Far far too many lack basic contact details.  It really is that basic a flaw.

So yes, out can ring or text me (the latter is always quicker for a response) on 07974950512

I hope that helps,

Gladstone Road, Chesterfield, S40 4TE. Attends Elder Yard Chapel, Chesterfield, Minister David Shaw.
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