So I am seeing a large number of people here at the General Assembly and it's a great chatter and discussion. I'm seeing quite a few people looking in via Facebook and enjoying the photographs and the reports.

But more interesting for me is the role of twitter and Facebook as a means of sharing information. Too many people appear to be viewing and absorbing and not sharing. So let me illustrate my point.

On twitter I see accounts from:

  • Wakefield Unitarians (@WestgateUni),
  • Fram&Bury Unitarians (@revmatt1774),
  • Rochdale Unitarians (@RochUnitarians),
  • Underbank Unitarians (@underbankchapel),
  • Plymouth Unitarians (@PlymUnitarians), 
  • lewisham Unitarians (@RevJohn_UKUni),
  • Bridport Unitarians (@BUnitarians),
  • Bristol Unitarians (@BrisUnitarians),
  • Sevenoaks Unitarians (@7OaksUnitarians),
  • Evesham Unitarians (@oatstunitarian),
  • Rosslyn Hill Unitarians (@RHUnitarianC)
  • Ullet Road Church (@UlletRoadChurch)
  • amongst many many others.

How much are ou using them this week to reflect, amplify, tweet retweet and share what is going on. How many of you are sending notes back to your congregations, management committees, members, friends and others.

The issue here that I am nudging at is not just identifying the problem but activating the solution. I decided a long time ago that I was a Unitarian and I'm not shy about it, but in sharing my thoughts, ideas and photographs and ramblings I hope to tackle what I so often hear is the problem. Communicate what you are worrying about, do it positively, share the successes and disperse the problems. The good news soon flows and follows.

Perhaps my other tease is those of us, and I'm guilty of this, tweet as ourselves and not as the personality of the Chapel - to my mind it is possible to do both and unbeknown to most/many, I actually have over 6 twitter accounts I manage and tweet from and each has its own role and personality and I use them to cross fertilise my dialogue and conversation. How many of you could do that through your Minister, Chapel and Congretagtion as three very different perspectives?

So when I get home I'll be looking at my twitter feeds and seeing who has used the shop window of this week to amplify and share and grow their chapel and their debate and the support and activity the solutions, undermining the problems.  What fun eh, making progress and sorting tricky issues out... love it!