I often write about my slipping into the back of my chapel, a chapel or a tranquil place in order to reflect. On other times I talk about my active interest and role and history in front line politics. Detached from that is my own digestion of news, events and current affairs.

So today I found these three strands coming together when my dear friend Rev. Feargus O'Connor introduced and welcomed the presentation of cheques from the Unitarian Movement to the British Red Cross. In reply the representative from the British Red Cross, Hugh Fenton, highlighted the work that is going on in Syria and Yemen to tackle the humanitarian crisis facing both civilian populations.

UK Unitarians have raised, collected and donated nearly £100,000 - more it is said, than any other Uk faith group - in trying to tackle these failures of conflict. That money is critical in the front line of the work of the British Red Cross and the work of the delivery aid agencies of the sister partner bodies on the ground in these conflicts.

So as I took the photographs, tweeted the social media and shared the thanks I found myself thinking that perhaps too often I have myself failed in this.

In compartmentalising my life in such an ordered and manageable way I wonder, right now, ether I have in fact detached my observational knowledge, my political activism and my faith and core values. Perhaps it is time now to step back, reconsider and leap forwards in a new and more nuanced phase of life. Time to breathe...