There are reasons to attend a conference, to learn, to listen, to network, to socialise - today I wept and they were tears of delight, of pride and of achievement.

At the General Assembly of the Unitarians and Free Christian Churches Kate McKenna was received into ministry and is now styled Rev. Kate McKenna and listed in the roll of Unitarian Ministers.

As the volunteer photographer I had the good fortune to intrude upon the preparations for the Anniversary Service and I saw Kate nervous, excited, emotional and proud. As she entered, the scale of what was happening was graven upon her face and her desire to enjoy, remember and appreciate the moment without mistake or error was palpable. Inevitably it went off beautifully and with great humour, affection and style.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't know Kate at all yet, she is a presence in the community of Unitarians with whom I identify, she and I are Facebook friends and I see and hear of the positive impact she is having upon congregations. But today, as she walked across the stage and to be entered upon the role, tears dropped from my eye with sheer delight and I was glad that my camera had a monopod to hold it steady as I captured her joy. Well done Minister, proud of you and for you. Enjoy. X