This morning I sat quietly in Chapel, the back row today, as my normal usual seat taken by a visitor who had arrived earlier (this is good).  The sunlight was bright, low lying today and as I relaxed, contemplated the stillness and the beauty around me I happened to glance up.  And there it was - the Chapel’s wooden panelled roof I have seen so often before.  But today, because of the sun-stream, another feature I had not seen before stood out.

Let me share the roof with you: it is 14 panels long, rising 4 panels high either side joining above the congregation to the apex of the slow gothic arch that is the chancel arch at the front or the organ gallery window at the back.  Each panel (112 in total) - they are a dark mahogany stained oak, I think - comprises broadly 6 equally sized planks - all conjoined by a crossing link beam up and down. It’s simple, it’s fine quality and it’s solid. Reassurring.